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New Year. New Plans.

Planning for the new year often involves resolutions and this feeling of finally getting things done that you’ve always hoped you’d do.  It certainly can be that and renewed gusto can help drive us through the winter months of our school year.  But what about when you haven’t met the expectations of your New Years resolution to read aloud more or do math drills every day or incorporate science experiments?  What then?  That’s when a homeschool planner custom made for your homeschool can help keep you moving forward.  If your a 36-week homeschool family, you can literally see the weeks tick off as you go.  You can see the subjects you hoped to cover when you designed the planner and go back to the basics.  Simplifying your homeschool doesn’t mean it’s simple.  It can just mean quality over quantity.  You can also look back at all the weeks behind you and see how much you’ve accomplished.  You can look at your field trip log, your reading log, your service hours log and remember that “yeah, we have gotten a lot done this year so far.”  Maybe each time you flip the page of your planner to a new week, you can feel that same feeling of newness and a fresh start. His mercies are new every morning, it doesn’t have to be a new year to cling to the glory of the sunrise. Plan well, friends, with purpose, peace, and passion.

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