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How is this planner unique?
Your homeschool is unique; your planner should be, too!  No more “making due” with store-bought planners or traditional teacher planners that don’t really fit your homeschool.  No more writing in subjects week after week.  YOU pick the 8 subjects that YOU use in your homeschool.  Each planner is customized with weekly lesson planning pages that fit YOUR homeschool!

What is the “homeschool name” you ask for? Why do I need that?  Some states require a homeschool name to get approval to teach your kids at home.  Here in Ohio, our school name is only recorded when we fill out our homeschool notification paperwork with our local school district before the start of each school year.  Ours is Happy Heart Elementary (based on Proverbs 15:13, “A glad heart make a cheerful face, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is crushed.”  You can be creative, silly, serious, or just simply use your last name (eg. Smith Academy).  I also use this homeschool name when filling out “teacher card” applications for discounts at local stores.

Why do I need a “motto” or “theme verse”?  You don’t!  But over the years it’s been fun to have a motto or verse that has been the theme for our year.  Sometimes it’s just a reminder for me, a reason why we’re homeschooling or from where I get my strength, or even a quote by a classic philosopher who started this “homeschooling” thing centuries ago.  It’s just one more way to personalize your very own Yours Truly Custom Homeschool Planner.

How big is the planner?  The planner is 8.5″ x 11″ plus the binding coil.

Is it water proof?
  Nope.  Just like any paper planner, it’s susceptible to liquid.  The 5-milliliter clear plastic cover helps protect it, and the back is made of chipboard, which is sturdy and can withstand some wear and tear.






Can’t I do this myself?
You could.  And you could spend many hours printing and modifying the planner until you find something that works.

I’ve already done the leg work for you.  I developed this version of the planner over more than three years.  I spent weeks creating and tweaking the pages I wanted.  I spent many hours playing with combinations of the various subjects on the planner pages and printing different versions of pages to see what works.  I realized I wanted (needed, really) a reading log for each student that I could quickly find and record books they finished, and then I wanted a place to record books that we’ve read as a family.  I spent hours (and quite a bit of money) printing copies at my local office supply store. In the end, I am offering you a chance to skip all the hard work and get a customized planner that’s been tweaked by a fellow homeschool mom that also works for you.  As a bonus, I’m able to offer the planners for less than you could print and bind your own because of volume pricing.  (Lamination, heavier-weight paper, and the spiral-binding adds to the price.)

Why 40 weeks of Weekly Planning pages?
The traditional school year is 36 weeks in most states.  40 weeks gives room for weeks where something comes up and nothing gets done, or for those who like to continue schooling for an additional month.  As a high school teacher in my pre-homeschool days, I learned the value of seeing how many weeks we had accomplished and how many weeks were left to go.  The Weekly Planning pages are undated, so you can take a week off whenever you need or want to.  And you can start and finish your school year as you see fit.